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Composite Leak Repair System

SealXtreme Composite Leak repair system offers the latest composite pipe and structural repair and reinforcement technology which is widely used in several industries. SealXtreme innovative repair solution for pipes is a fast and economical alternative to pipe reinforcements. The repair system reinforces and seals pipes designed for high pressure, temperature and chemical resistance.

-  Permanent repairs
-  No pipe replacement
-  Structural strenghteneing and integrity
-  Minimal impact on productivity
-  Eliminate or replace dangerous hot works
-  Quick turnaround - service can be resumed swiftly
-  Engieering calculation report based on ASME PCC2 standards
-  Increase service life of pipes
-  Tailor-made solution including context-based training and custom repair

-  Composite pipe wrap system for the repair of complex geometries of pipes including bends, straights and tees
-  Repair of through wall and thin wall defects on pipes and tank walls
-  Pipes under chemical corrosion or mechanical wear
Refineries and petrochemical plants, power plants, water utilities etc,
Fig. Composite Leak Repair - Typical cross section


-  Offline Leaks
Combination of Epoxy products with Fiberglass or use Carbon - Fiber Reinforcing products to seal leaks in both low or high pressure systems.

-  Active Leaks
A high-strength composite system using epoxy products with QuikControl sealing tape initially arrest the leak afterwhich reinforcement is  done using Glass Fiber or Carbon fiber

-  Steam Leaks
Superior industrial strength Composite repair system used to seal active steam pipe leaks using proprietary sealing tape compatible with high temperature environments. The repair is further strengthened using Carbon Fiber reinforcement.
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